For smaller, one-off activations and campaigns, some brands choose to manage their event staffing requirements in-house. Working with your own team certainly has its benefits - naturally, they will know your brand values, story and product - however, as a business grows, the challenge is often to meet high-volume staffing needs whilst ensuring exceptional quality service. This is where a dedicated staffing agency comes into play, offering a wide range of benefits that make them the perfect choice for clients looking to outsource their staffing needs.

In this blog post, we explore the reasons why clients often choose to move from managing their staffing requirements in-house to a dedicated staffing agency:

The ability to handle a high volume of staffing requirements
One of the primary reasons clients turn to a dedicated staffing agency is their ability to efficiently handle high-volume staffing requirements. In 2017, Kru Live was appointed as a sole staffing partner for Givergy, who required event support across their silent auctions, pledging, and fundraising technology. When faced with the task of sourcing and staffing numerous roles for their event program - which consisted of 2860 staffing days - Givergy recognised their need to outsource. By partnering with Kru Live, they were able to access a nationwide pool of trained staff, ensuring a seamless experience for their clients. Read more about our work with Givergy here.

The ability to manage high demands and specific requirements
The best staffing agencies will be well-equipped to handle high demands and specific requirements set by clients. They will have built and nurtured extensive networks of talent and resources, allowing them to provide diverse staffing needs across various industries. From providing specialist event staff, experienced brand ambassadors or teams with specific skill sets, staffing agencies can efficiently match client requirements with qualified individuals. In the case of Givergy, the team required an experienced mix of event managers, event support, tech managers and riggers, to ensure the event ran smoothly and effectively. Read more about our work with Givergy here.

The ability to be flexible and adapt to last minute requirements
Last-minute changes and unexpected challenges can be commonplace within the live events industry. Whether that is a sudden increase in staffing needs or unforeseen changes in event logistics, having the ability to adapt quickly is crucial. Dedicated staffing agencies are well-prepared to handle such situations, thanks to their vast network of available talent and their experience in managing dynamic staffing requirements. They can swiftly provide suitable replacements, ensure sufficient coverage, and maintain a seamless event experience for clients and attendees alike.

You don’t lose members of your team from ‘the shop floor’
Placing key members of staff on one-off activations and events means taking them away from their day-to-day roles and responsibilities, which can have a negative impact on the business. Often, events and activations happen out of business hours, which - if you are using the same staff for both their day job and overtime - can have also have a negative impact on their productivity, enthusiasm and energy - not to mention the cost of overtime!

It’s an investment in the future of your business
Events and activations can be seasonal for some businesses. An agency can provide your trained staff with work throughout the year, maintaining the relationship on your behalf which, in turn, can increase the chance of your teams being available next season. In Givergy’s case, the partnership with Kru Live from 2017 meant that they could place all of their energy on raising more money for their charity clients - rather than focussing on staffing their events.

The results of partnering with a dedicated staffing agency can be significant. In the case of Givergy, their collaboration with Kru Live yielded impressive outcomes. In 2018 alone, they successfully delivered 715 events, spanning 2,860 staffing days with an impressive 99.9% coverage rate. By entrusting their staffing needs to a specialized agency, Givergy was able to maintain consistent and dedicated teams, ensuring a high level of service quality and customer satisfaction.

Givergy has continued to partner with Kru Live as their agency partner since their highly successful appointment. The partnership has gone from strength-to-strength, and Kru Live Hong Kong has recently been appointed their partner agency in Hong Kong.

Kru Live is a specialist staffing agency that operates across the globe. We provide well-trained, event-conscious and relevant Brand Ambassadors that have the power to influence, engage and deliver the required results for any campaign.
To see how your business could benefit from working with a dedicated agency partner, drop our CEO, Sarah-Jane Benham, a line: or: +44 (0)7921 914 152

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