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We are an ambitious bunch on an exciting journey. The majority of our team have transitioned from working on live events into the agency - bringing a combined experience that is second to none.

To be 'Kru' you must be personable, passionate, positive and an incredible problem solver! Put a face to a name below or better still pop into our Kru Café next time you are in South West London. Our door is always open!

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    Tom Eatenton

    CEO/ Founder

    Tom has worked in the brand experience and event industries for nearly 20 years and having developed considerable experience in staffing he set up Kru Live in 2005 to offer a staffing service of excellence to experiential, event and PR agencies as well as to the staff working for them. With an absolute focus on delivery and customer service, Tom is proud to be known for an agency and team that consistently deliver beyond expectations.


    Did You Know? ... Not a lot of people know that at the age of 15 Tom created STORM PRODUCTIONS – an under 18’s party-production agency which at it’s peak had a following of over 3,000 regular paying customers.

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    Sarah-Jane Benham

    Managing Director

    SJ used to work in the field as a Brand Ambassador and Event Manager meaning she has on the ground experience of running successful experiential events. She moved from the field to the agency in 2010 growing the team from 3 to 30 within 4 years. She became managing director,  launched TSEC and went on to be voted the 6th most influential in the event industry by Campaign Magazine. 

    Did You Know? ... Not a lot of people know that SJ is a published poet!

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    Lucy Colgate

    Client Experience Director

    Lucy Colgate joined Kru Live in June 2013.  She has a strong background in booking large-scale events and has an eye for detail!  She has a wealth of industry knowledge and takes great pride in matching great members of staff to the right brand and event – she loves it when a good plan comes together! When she is not at Kru Live you will find Lucy with her lovely friends at a festival or eating a share-bag of Doritos (to herself).

    Did You Know? ... Not a lot of people know that on her travels last year she climbed 1,237 steps to reach Tiger Temple in Thailand. She was so proud until she got overtaken by an 85 year old monk along the way!

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    Sarah Porter

    Client Relationship Director

    From sourcing ambassadors through to leading on our Oculus account Sarah has experience across many functions of the business. Prior to becoming Client Relationship Director, she directed our global activations team on Peex, Facebook and name a few. In her current role she is responsbile for ensuring our team deliver exceptional results against KPIS and providing a best in class partnership for our clients long term. 

    Did You Know? ... Not a lot of people know that Sarah has a serious love for food and on her travels has tried unusual things such as Barnacles, Shark and Crocodile.

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    Melissa Foster

    Senior Account Executive

    I spent 6 years full time working events across the UK, Europe and South America as a Brand Ambassador, Performer, Team Leader and Event Manager where I have represented brands including Samsung, Cadbury's, PlayStation, BMW and Coca Cola, to name a few.
    From working the field I then made a jump into the office, where my role as a Staffing and Entertainment Executive, Account Executive, and now Senior Account Manager expanded my knowledge and experience in project management, events, production, CRM, operations, logistics, brand development management and building client relationships.

    I am passionate about discovering, nurturing and developing new brands and products.I believe that communication, creative initiative and a strong work ethic are the engines that power success.

    Did You Know? ... Not a lot of people know that…Over the past 3 years Melissa has appeared on TV numerous times and played multiple TV characters including ‘ Kelly, the Student’ ‘Mandy-, The Receptionist’ ‘ Melissa , The Babysitter’ and a 16 year old Student ‘ Denise’ in the BBC Daytime Drama ‘Doctors’.

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    Rebecca Ross

    Account Manager

    Rebecca joined Kru Live as a Staffing Executive in September 2013, after moving from Glasgow to London. Working within the promotional events industry since the age of 16, she has a wealth of knowledge and understanding for the industry. Rebecca takes great pride in brand-matching our brand ambassadors and understands the importance of providing a best-in-class experience when representing brands. She loves and excels when working closely with clients to ensure the activation is executed perfectly!

    When not at Kru Live HQ, you'll find Rebecca cycling to the gym or creating bespoke calligraphy pieces for weddings and VIP events.

    Did You Know? ... Did you know? Rebecca is an active content creator, working with lifestyle brands like Fabletics, SugarBearHair and Skinnytan!

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    Louka Valley

    Head of Gaming & Project Manager

    Louka Valley joined Kru Live in 2016. She began her journey at Kru as a staffing executive working on the Oculus campaign and from there she moved on to work on campaigns such as Google Curiosity rooms and Visa Great British High Street. These campaigns went on to win awards at the FMBEs and COGS awards!

    Most recently Louka has been working alongside her colleague Sarah Porter to set up GG Kru, a centre for gamers filled with workshops and focus groups, built to gain valuable industry insights and engage our teams in their passion for the world of gaming. 


    Did You Know? ... Louka has a passion for eSports and gaming. Playing games such as Starcraft 2, Overwatch and Valorant.

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    Danielle Lombardi

    Account Manager

    Danielle joined Kru Live in February 2020. Danielle has over a decade of experience working in event and campaign management within the marketing industry.

    Having worked across a wide variety of events, managing the execution of nationwide experiential marketing campaigns she is able to draw upon past experiences to work with initiative and adaptability. Enabling to work effectively from initial brief to delivery to ensure KPI’s are met, maximising customer exposure and brand awareness to new and existing markets.

    Did You Know? ... One of Dani’s strongest passions is travel which was fuelled after working as Cabin Crew in previous years. More recently she encountered a solo trip taking her around South East Asia. One memory which will stick was surviving on a small remote island of off Cambodia which was previously used for prisoners with no electricity or phone service.

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    Costanza Calajò

    Senior Account Executive

    Costanza joined KruLive in August 2018 and gained her experience managing international events. She is always looking for unique and challenging activations to dive into. Hard work is at the centre of everything Costanza does but she knows how to have fun with it; she loves to laugh with her colleagues and chat with our partners all over the world! 

    Costanza is Italian, born and raised in Sicily. In addition to English and Italian, she speaks fluent Spanish, and likes to use all three languages!

    When not at Kru Live, Costanza can be found hanging out with her friends, doing some sports or indulging her passion for pizza and red wine.

    Did You Know? ... Costanza has played volleyball for almost 15 years. Last year she arrived second with her team in the UK National League competitio

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    Michela Loviglio

    Account Executive

    Michela joined Kru in June 2019 right after graduating from university. She has a degree in Marketing and Events Management and experience in organising small scale events. Always ready for the next challenge, she has a strong work ethic and desire to learn new things. When it comes to picking the right staff, her empathy and personal approach will always come handy. When she's not at Kru Live you will find her in the nearest sports hall playing volleyball games and tournaments with her friends. 

    Did You Know? ... Not a lot of people know that English is her second language (she's actually Italian) and she's able to communicate also in Spanish and understand some French

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    Megan Salisbury-Higgs

    Staffing & Entertainment Manager

    Megan joined Kru in May 2018 as a Staffing Executive. Since joining she has expanded her knowledge in the events industry and thrives under the daily challenges of live events.  As Staffing Manager, it is her role to build long-standing relationships with our field staff,  this is something she enjoys very much. 
    When Megan isn't at Kru, you will find her making a pitch of margaritas with friends, upcycling something in her house (if you sit in her house for too long, you will get painted) or spending time with her nearest and dearest. 


    Did You Know? ... Megan is a qualified MUA & Beauty Therapist - she can even pierce your ears or give you a Henna Tattoo. Her best-kept secret is that water and sunshine are what keep you young!


    Sophie Scully

    Staffing and Entertainment Executive

    Sophie joined Kru Live in November 2019 after graduating from Newcastle University. Skills learnt through her Marketing and Management degree and experience in previous event management roles makes her a valuable member of the team. Starting in a Project Executive role, then assisting as a Staffing Executive and shortly moving to the Account side of the business gives her a broad understanding of all aspects of Kru and fulfilling different client briefs.

    When Sophie is not at work you will find her at the gym, running around Fulham or demolishing a dominos pizza.


    Did You Know? ... Sophie was born in Dubai and loves to quad bike ..back in the days when it was mainly just desert!!

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    Shanaz Barnes-Blackwood

    Staffing and Entertainment Executive

    Shanaz joined Krulive in the summer of 2019 as a Staffing Executive. Moving from Florida, she has focused on her career in London for the past couple of years.  Already having the work experience working alongside brands such as Nintendo, Coca-Cola, and Warner Brother. This has enabled her with the knowledge of logistics, project management, and staffing.

    Shanaz brings her expertise when choosing the best brand ambassadors for upcoming events. When it comes to building great relationships and communicating with our staff - She never fails to draw you in and make sure you have a good laugh with her American accent. 


    Did You Know? ... Not many people know Shanaz was born in Nottingham and her family moved to South Florida when she was a young girl. Her love for traveling was already embedded in her heart. Whenever Shanaz can get away she is somewhere on an adventure wanderlusting.  One summer she drove from the Netherlands to Rome - a 16-hour journey through Belgium, Luxembourg, France, and Switzerland.

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    Gea Eman

    Staffing & Entertainment Executive

    Gea Eman was a one of our field staff for a few good years before joining the office team in early 2020 curious to “look behind the curtain”, and immediately fell in love with the way Kru makes the magic happen. Even though a trained psychologist, Gea enjoys the vibrancy of working in events, a field which aims is to create zesty experiences. Her main passion is in building rapport with field staff and believes that good communication quality builds mutual loyalty and collaboration between the office and our amazing on-site team. 

    Did You Know? ... Gea’s first job in events was in 2012 in Sri Lanka, for RedBull where she was a part of the experiential team creating a buzz ahead of a cricket match: Sri Lanka vs. India. Working in events has a way of sticking with you, doesn’t it?

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Good time keeping, customer service and a great work ethic are characteristics we know to be important to our clients.

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National and international coverage for events from small expos to large Brand name exhibitions.

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Bespoke Staffing systems to carefully select the right staff with the right experience for your event.

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