Finding the right talent for your campaign or activation is crucial. When it comes to executing a campaign, having the right staff on the ground can be make or break - and with so many agencies popping up across the country and internationally, we review what makes a global staffing agency stand out in 2023:

In an era of customisation and personalised experiences, a global staffing agency must prioritise personalisation in its approach. Understanding that each client and their staffing requirements are unique, a standout agency goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. They take the time to understand the client's specific needs, industry nuances, and company culture. By tailoring their solutions and matching the right talent to the right roles, they ensure a perfect fit that drives success for both clients and candidates.

Technology Integration:
Technology continues to revolutionise the staffing industry, and a forward-thinking global agency stays at the forefront of these advancements. From innovative applicant tracking systems to artificial intelligence-based candidate screening tools, they leverage technology to streamline the recruitment process, enhance efficiency, and deliver superior results. By embracing automation, data analytics, and other cutting-edge technologies, they enable faster and more accurate data acquisition while improving the overall campaign. Learn more about how Kru Live utilises technology to enhance the impact of events and activations.

Data-Driven Insights:
In today's data-rich environment, a global staffing agency that stands out understands the power of data-driven decision-making. They harness the vast amount of data available to gain insights into market trends, candidate preferences, and workforce dynamics. By effectively and accurately reporting this data back to our clients in real-time, they can monitor key indicators and make informed decisions on the fly - without even being on site.

Sustainability: As environmental and social sustainability take center stage, a standout global staffing agency incorporates sustainability practices into its operations. They prioritise environmentally responsible practices, such as reducing waste, promoting remote work options, and supporting eco-friendly initiatives. By aligning their values with those of their clients, they contribute to a more sustainable future while attracting socially conscious candidates and clients.At Kru Live, we are proud to say we have been Carbon Negative since 2016 and are actively choosing to support Blue Carbon Projects which absorb 3x more carbon than green.

Global Reach: In an interconnected world, a global staffing agency must have a broad reach to effectively serve clients' needs across borders. A standout agency possesses an extensive network of talent and resources in multiple countries and regions. They have the expertise to navigate the complexities of international staffing, including legal and cultural considerations. With a global reach, they can provide seamless staffing solutions for clients looking to expand their operations globally or tap into talent pools outside their home markets.

By staying ahead of industry trends, embracing innovation, and delivering exceptional service, Kru Live strives to stand out amongst the crowd for companies seeking top talent and strategic staffing solutions in 2023 and beyond.

  • Event Awards Winner 2016
  • Field Marketing Award Bronze winner 2013
  • Field Marketing Award Brand Experience Award Gold winner 2015
  • Field Marketing Award Brand Experience Award Bronze winner 2014
  • Field Marketing Award Brand Experience Award Gold Winner 2012
  • IVCA Live come Awards 2013 Winner
  • The Cogs Awards For the People that make it Work Staffing Winner 2013
  • Event 100 Club
  • Highly Commended - Staffing Agency of the Year 2019
  • The Cogs 2016 Awards Silver Winner
  • Field Marketing Award Brand Experience Award Silver Winner 2013
  • Event 100 Club 2013
  • The Drum UK Event Awards: Award Winner 2015

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