At Kru Live, our in-house brand training is an integral part of our process to ensure top-notch performance and exceptional results at every activation. Even before we embark on the training journey, our meticulous recruitment process plays a crucial role in hand-picking individuals from our extensive database of 3,000 staff members across the UK. These chosen applicants are then invited to submit a video application, which helps us assess their suitability for the role.

The selected candidates undergo a qualification process where our selection team conducts video calls to shortlist the most promising candidates. The final shortlist is then presented to the Kru Account Manager for approval, before being sent over to the client for final approval and to ensure the candidate is the perfect fit for their needs.

Once our brand ambassadors are onboarded, we prioritise immersive and in-person training whenever possible. Results show that face-to-face training fosters increased enthusiasm and camaraderie among our team members, leading to improved performance on-site.

Regardless of the training format, whether in-person or online, all our staff receive a comprehensive briefing document, shift specifics, campaign targets, and reporting requirements through our user-friendly staff booking portal. This ensures that our team is well-prepared and fully equipped with all the necessary information to execute a successful event.

To further assess their knowledge and readiness, we administer a Pre-event Knowledge Checker Quiz. This quiz is designed to cover all critical aspects of the brand and campaign, and our staff must achieve a 100% pass rate before going live. This stringent requirement ensures that our brand ambassadors are fully informed, confident, and prepared to deliver outstanding results on-site.

Throughout the training process, we emphasise the importance of aligning with the brand's values and objectives, creating meaningful connections with consumers, and representing the brand with professionalism and enthusiasm. Our goal is to empower our staff with the knowledge and skills they need to leave a lasting and positive impression on every attendee they engage with.

The success of Kru Live has been built on trusted relationships since our inception. Our in-house staffing team don’t just know our teams in the field, but have witnessed their dedication, commitment and expertise in their role first hand. This friendly and personalised approach ensures that our staff are not just numbers on our books, but integral members of our extended Kru Live family. By combining this personalised familiarity with our comprehensive training process, we create a dynamic team that is not only skilled but also deeply committed to delivering exceptional results.

At Kru Live, we believe that investing in comprehensive and immersive in-house brand training is the key to success in the live event industry. By equipping our team with the right tools and knowledge, we are confident in delivering exceptional experiences for our clients and creating memorable moments for consumers.

If you are a brand or agency looking for great Brand Ambassadors for your next campaign or activation, get in touch with our CEO, Sarah-Jane, would would be more than happy to discuss your requirements and see if Kru Live is able to assist.
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  • Event 100 Club 2013
  • The Drum UK Event Awards: Award Winner 2015
  • The Cogs 2016 Awards Silver Winner
  • Event Awards Winner 2016
  • The Cogs Awards For the People that make it Work Staffing Winner 2013
  • IVCA Live come Awards 2013 Winner
  • Highly Commended - Staffing Agency of the Year 2019
  • Field Marketing Award Brand Experience Award Bronze winner 2014
  • Field Marketing Award Brand Experience Award Gold Winner 2012
  • Event 100 Club
  • Field Marketing Award Brand Experience Award Gold winner 2015
  • Field Marketing Award Bronze winner 2013
  • Field Marketing Award Brand Experience Award Silver Winner 2013

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