When it comes to promoting a brand, having the right person to represent your business is crucial. A brand ambassador is the face and voice of the company, presenting its values and creating positive, memorable - unforgettable - experiences for customers. We are often asked by applicants, ‘how can I become a Brand Ambassador?’ or ‘what makes a good Brand Ambassador?’, and so, we made a list of the key attributes that we look for when hiring. To be an effective Brand Ambassador, you need to be: 

  • Outgoing:
    Having an outgoing and bubbly personality is a key trait for any brand ambassador. You will thrive in social situations and have the ability to engage with people from all walks of life. You will be able to effortlessly connect with individuals and leave a positive impact on potential customers. 

  • Charismatic:
    You will have a natural charm and presence that naturally attracts others to you. As a Brand Ambassador, this will enable you to win over customers, instill trust and create those all important relationships and memorable experiences. 

  • Confident:
    Confidence is key! A successful Brand Ambassador oozes self-assurance, credibility and professionalism, which will allow you to represent the brand with conviction. 

  • Enthusiastic:
    Energy and passion are contagious! As a Brand Ambassador, you will have the ability to get customers excited and generate genuine interest from potential customers. 

  • Reliable:
    Being reliable is an essential part of being a Brand Ambassador. Showing up on time and being prepared is crucial, and will have a positive influence on your future jobs. 

  • Adaptable:
    When you’re out in the field, there are so many variables that can affect your day. An effective Brand Ambassador must be able to adjust to various situations, audiences and environments. A flexible attitude and emotional intelligence will allow you to tailor your communication to a diverse audience and different settings. 
  • Have stamina & maintain your energy 
    Being able to maintain your energy, commitment and resolve throughout a shift is key. A staff member who can develop engaging, creative ways to captivate an audience as well as personalise their interaction based on who they are speaking to is gold. 

  • Professional: 
    At all times, a Brand Ambassador must reflect the values and standards of the company. You are an extension of the brand, and so your attitude and behaviour at all times must reflect positively on the business as a whole. 

  • Knowledgeable:
    You have been appointed to share your knowledge of the business and brand with customers. You should have a deep understanding of the brand, product and industry and be ready to answer questions, provide accurate information and address customer concerns. 

  • Team-Oriented:
    Understanding the importance of collaboration and teamwork is essential. You will work well alongside your colleagues and work together to ensure you are achieving the same collective goals. 


Remember: a good Brand Ambassador is able to communicate a brand message or story; a great Brand Ambassador has the power to influence, engage and deliver the required results for any campaign: they are the experience. 

If you possess all of these qualities and are looking to become a Brand Ambassador, you can register to be a part of the Kru family here.


If you are a brand or agency looking for great Brand Ambassadors for your next campaign or activation, get in touch with our CEO, Sarah-Jane, would would be more than happy to discuss your requirements and see if Kru Live is able to assist. 

Contact: sj@krulive.com or: +44 (0)7921 914 152 

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