Technology plays a pivotal role in our lives - whether that is our personal lives - or at work. Businesses all over the world are leveraging the power of technology to enhance business operations and ensure the best possible outcomes for their customers and clients. Kru Live is no exception. In our eighteen year experience in the industry, we have learned a thing or two about what clients want from an activation - and - what defines success. Early on into our journey, we commissioned the creation of our own dedicated app - Kru ReportTM - which utilises the power of technology to deliver exceptional experiences and drive results.

Real Time Reporting
One of the standout features of Kru ReportTM is its bespoke real-time reporting tool with a Live Client dashboard. Allowing clients to track the performance of their campaigns in real-time, providing invaluable insights and data-driven decision-making capabilities. From tabular data to quantitative metrics and single event summaries, Kru ReportTM offers a comprehensive overview of campaign performance, allowing clients to monitor key indicators and make informed adjustments on the fly - without even being on site!

Variable Monitoring
With the Kru ReportTM app, brand ambassadors are able to input variables - such as weather conditions - throughout the course of the campaign, which in turn, empowers brands to understand how some variables can significantly impact event results and campaign success.

Push Notifications
Just like the weather, the needs and demands of an activation can change, so being able to make on- the-job amendments and communicate them instantly to team members is crucial. Kru ReportTM enables real-time push notifications, allowing seamless communication between the client and project managers, event managers and field staff - thus, ensuring that any necessary changes or updates are communicated promptly.

Real-time KPI reporting
In order to provide clients with comprehensive insights and performance metrics, Kru ReportTM automatically generates key performance indicator (KPI) reports, offering a holistic view of campaign success. These reports are customised to each client's specific requirements and provide actionable insights that drive future planning and strategy.

Brand Sentiment Measurement
In addition to quantitative data and reports, Kru ReportTM technology platform also integrates brand sentiment measurement. By measuring visitor satisfaction and intent to purchase (ITP), brands can gauge the impact of their activations on consumer sentiment and buying behavior. In addition, the net promoter score (NPS) is utilised to benchmark the likelihood of a recommendation, providing a powerful indicator of brand loyalty and advocacy.

Image Upload and Actionable Feedback
Kru ReportTM also facilitates image uploads and actionable feedback. Staff members can provide real-time feedback, capturing important details and observations that can influence future campaigns. This valuable feedback loop enables continuous improvement and refinement of activations, ensuring that each event is better than the last.

Ready to take your events and activations to new heights with Kru Live's cutting-edge technology and expertise? Contact us today to explore how we can enhance your next activation and deliver exceptional experiences that leave a lasting impact on your audience.

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  • Field Marketing Award Brand Experience Award Silver Winner 2013
  • The Cogs 2016 Awards Silver Winner
  • Event 100 Club
  • The Cogs Awards For the People that make it Work Staffing Winner 2013
  • Field Marketing Award Brand Experience Award Bronze winner 2014
  • The Drum UK Event Awards: Award Winner 2015
  • Event 100 Club 2013
  • Field Marketing Award Brand Experience Award Gold Winner 2012
  • Field Marketing Award Bronze winner 2013
  • IVCA Live come Awards 2013 Winner
  • Highly Commended - Staffing Agency of the Year 2019
  • Field Marketing Award Brand Experience Award Gold winner 2015
  • Event Awards Winner 2016

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