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No matter which of the UK’s major event hubs or cities you are seeking to promote your company in, you can get the good word out more effectively with brand ambassadors that we can provide. However, if you are currently inexperienced with this kind of marketing, you might first want a good introduction to what a brand ambassador actually is.


A brand ambassador: described in a nutshell

A brand ambassador can be described as someone who champions your company’s products and services. Typically, this person isn’t one of your employees, but does promote your company’s brand or services through various online channels – think social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, community-based sites like blogs, and other relevant and useful channels, like the video-sharing site YouTube.


The unique usefulness of a brand ambassador

Now, having read all of this, you may be wondering: why can’t you hand all of those tasks to one of your company’s employees, particularly a member of its marketing team? You could, but a brand ambassador can have a unique effectiveness which makes them worthwhile even for a company with its own highly dedicated and knowledgeable marketing staff.


This is largely because, when trying to decide which particular product or service to go for, many people prefer to take advice from their friends rather than an advertisement. Therefore, a brand ambassador can better spread awareness of your brand to people who might not even have previously known about your company.


Examples of how a brand ambassador can help you

So, a social media savvy ambassador could better connect with Millennials – who, on average, have about 200 more social media connections than members of older generations. However, it is vital that the ambassador truly has your brand in their blood; they shouldn’t talk about your brand solely because they have been tasked with doing so.


After all, when the ambassador is speaking directly to potential future customers of your business, he or she is unlikely to impress if these people soon realise that the ambassador doesn’t genuinely know what they are talking about. An ambassador who knows your brand inside out and can excite others with their enthusiasm is a powerful promotional tool.


The special difference with Kru Live

That’s what you can expect from a brand ambassador… or, to be more specific, a good one. And there’s a long list of boxes that an ambassador has to tick before they can be seriously considered “good”. We pride ourselves on selecting the best event staff for your company or campaign.


In fact, providing and managing skilled, engaging and proactive brand ambassadors is a fundamental part of our business. We can supply them to any significant event hub or city in the UK, and the huge choice we have to offer makes it easier for you to employ ambassadors with the right skill set, location, age and experience for promoting your brand. So, don’t fret that your firm’s brief might be too specialist for any of our team to work to.

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