Friday 15th April
A harmonious workforce is crucial to the success of any business – they need to be able to trust each other and work together effectively.

Team-building exercises and events help bring employees together to create a healthier working environment. Any business can benefit from this, regardless of size.

Below are the specific outcomes of team-building, and some great examples of the best events to help achieve them.

Outdoor activities

The social aspect of a job contributes a lot to how well people work. The more comfortable everybody is with each other, the more efficient your output will be.

This can be in the form of something as simple as a big dinner for employees or a trip to a pub, perhaps even an embarrassing night of karaoke, but for an added sense of togetherness and a higher emphasis on team-building, try organising something more active.

Canoeing or kayaking is not only fun and exhilarating, but it also requires a great deal of communication and cooperation between the boats to avoid a crash.

The sense of danger will also help employees trust in each other.

Charity work

Volunteering works especially well for those employees who haven’t had a holiday or break in a long time. Employees bond well knowing that what they’re doing is helping others, and often this mindset is lost through the routine of their current job.

Volunteer work or charitable work often helps employees bond while also giving something back to the community. This also works as a break from work that helps people come back to their job feeling re-energised.

Several companies provide a means of reaching people in need, as well as the means to take some time out during work hours to help them.

Take up a class

Nothing instils a team dynamic quite like learning a new skill together. The job will no doubt ask this of employees anyway, as the business grows and evolves, but it’s fun to put a twist on this by getting them to learn something different irrelevant and fun.

The popular choice is a group cookery course, but it can be as wacky and silly as you like – like a  course for ice-sculpting.

These classes also help employees communicate and create a more social environment for each other – bonding and working better together.

Working together to escape

Some events rely heavily on cooperation to solve a puzzle, leave a room or progress. These events are a fun way of honing these collaboration skills, as well as their creative problem solving and communication skills.

The Escape Room has people locked in a room with no clear means of leaving. Those trapped inside must work together to find clues and solve puzzles to escape.

Not only does this contribute heavily to team-building, but it’s also a fun day out and a welcome break from work which – again – helps people unwind and come back to work fresh as a daisy.

Outings are great ways not just to treat your employees, but also promote creative problem solving, ice-breaking and collaboration skills. They also help team bonding and create a much happier working environment.

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