Tuesday 26th January
Lucy in Florida – Day 9

I am not sure what has happened but Florida has seemed to have turned the heat off! It’s a lot colder than earlier on in the week and we have had a few thunder storms, hopefully it will clear and return the glorious sunshine.

During today’s session I ran through the Kru Live bespoke CRM system and how to search, select and to book team members online. Having ran through the My Victory Home system earlier last week there are some similarities in the processes, however one stand out feature is our ability to create Kru Live staff profiles or ‘Kru Cards’ online and with the addition of our clients branding on the cards, all by the touch of a button which the team here seem to really like. Victory also create profiles or a ‘deck’ of their brand ambassadors with pictures and experience which is put together by the Staffing Coordinators or Project Leaders; slightly different process but both Kru and Victory ensure clients have the right information on their selected team ahead of each event.

Laura and Sheryl took me over for my first ‘Twin Peaks’ experience which is new bar / restaurant which has opened up in Fort Myers. The bar is constantly packed and that is all thanks to the scantily clad waitresses dress up in hunting attire! When I walked in to the classy establishment Vinny and Casey had organised the waitresses to greet me on arrival waving Union Jack flags haha. I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do with myself; thanks team Victory for organising!

Frankie in London – Day 9

Tuesday started with the typical awakening by my upstairs neighbours, Shrek and Fiona gingerly stomping above my ceiling. Although, this time I suspected there was another ogre with them considering the decibel level. Anyway, after a nice little breakfast of shortbread and black tea (not entirely sold on the milk yet), I started my walk to the office in 25-degree (F) weather.

Yesterday was spent in the office going over more processes and procedures with the booking team upon which I drew more and more similarities. One difference I did notice was instead of putting together a Power Point of potential candidates for the client, they have what is called a Kru Card. This is essentially a card with the summary of the BAs experience as well as three professional photos that the client is able to see. Once these cards are set on Kru’s system, they are then sent to the client for consideration by the coordinator or booker – directly through their CRM or database (each client has their own template). This is sent with one click instead of putting together a whole PowerPoint.

Another awesome difference would be dual monitors. I know we were in discussions about getting these for everyone in the office but it’s definitely something everyone can benefit from. Working with the monitors has made a world of difference when trying to open multiple bookings at once, dealing with various spreadsheets and templates, etc. As foreseen, it really does help having everything laid out in front of you. Especially for bookers and coordinators.


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  • Highly Commended - Staffing Agency of the Year 2019
  • Field Marketing Award Brand Experience Award Bronze winner 2014
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