Friday 15th April
There are many different aspects to take care of when organising an event – and with our considerable experience of helping with events for various companies and organisations, we are certainly in a position to know!

However, it’s ultimately it’s the people who can really make or break it – which is why choosing the right brand ambassador for your event is crucial. The right event team won’t just assist your guests with their practical requirements, but also embody and communicate all of your own brand’s finest values in the process, not least by simply providing the best possible experience.

Here at the international promotional staffing agency KruLive, we’ve got advice for how you can more easily select the right team. Provided that you follow the steps outlined below, you’re unlikely to go far wrong.

Consider the venue for your event

When mulling over what venue to book for your event, you should take account of the number of people who should be coming along. We say “should” because you will need to book a time slot at a venue before you contact potential speakers and attendees. However, if you have a brief idea of who will be there, consider that it would be unprofessional to book a small space for a large-scale event simply to save money. If none of the above applies to you because you have already booked the venue, be careful not to invite more people than the venue can really accommodate.

Discern all of the roles and duties to recruit for

This is a good idea because it can ensure that all bases are covered. However, even if you might be making many of the big decisions, it remains wise to put together a committee who can help you along the way. Draw up several, easy-to-comprehend categories into which the event staff will fall, potentially including the administration team, communication and marketing team, sponsor staff and volunteers. This could make for a better-organised recruitment drive – and here at KruLive, we can provide many of the staff that you will require to serve as brand Ambassadors and influencers at your event.

Recruit volunteers

Don’t overlook how useful volunteers can be. Although recruiting the volunteers is something you should begin months before the event takes place, even if it’s only on the day of the event that you will actually need to call on them, volunteers have various unique benefits. For example, they are often young and enthusiastic, making them particularly ideal for taking care of registration affairs and answering attendees’ queries.

Ask for help whenever you need it

As we have already mentioned, there is a broad number of aspects of effective event preparation – to the extent that even just the task of choosing the right event staff could overwhelm or bewilder you. If for example, you are good at communicating with people, making you a dab hand at organising the staff once they are at your disposal, you could still struggle with budgetary concerns. This can be a big deal, because you don’t want to end up hiring more staff than you can afford. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask for help, such as from our experts in event staffing or your own committee, whenever you deem it necessary.

The bottom line is that great staff help to make a great event, which will make all of the difference to the brand and promotional benefits that your business gains from holding such an event.

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