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Product demonstrations enable consumers to see how a product performs without having to buy it first – these activations are usually very well received because they minimise the risk of being disappointed with a purchase. We can provide the perfect corporate event staff to help you impress with your product demonstration but we know that making such a demonstration genuinely stand out can be tough in a competitive marketplace – here’s a few tips to turn your product demonstration into a memorable experience:


Consider what other interests your target customers have

Tech firm Cisco once effectively launched its ASR 1000 router by developing a video game, Edge Quest, which showcased the router’s high speed and rich media capabilities. As Forbes writer Michelle Greenwald explains, this worked well because “the key purchase decision makers of corporate IT professionals were disproportionately video game enthusiasts.” What easy-to-overlook interests do your own target customers have?


Will your customers save something? Show physically how much!

In another example cited by Forbes, the SodaStream device has been promoted with a demonstration of how much wasted plastic and can material a typical family could save in five years of using this device instead of buying beverages in bottles and cans. However, this has been demoed by putting the actual amount of saveable material physically on display.


Use augmented reality for a quasi real-life demonstration

You could use this technology by allowing potential customers to download an app to their computers or mobile devices. Nooka, for example, used augmented reality to allow people to “try on” their watch product in whatever watch style and colour was preferred.


Marketing creative tools? Then allow your audience to create…

If you’re promoting equipment that is intended for creative purposes, you could arrange for members of your audience to borrow this equipment, use it to make some great creations, and then put those impressive creations on public display. This is fantastic for adhering to the common mantra that “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”.


Show (don’t just claim) the difference

Basically, we mean that you should clearly show how your product can be used to turn around a bad situation. You could consider the example of the Febreze Happy Social Experiment, where random London locals were blindfolded and challenged to identify the smell of clothing that had been treated with Febreze spray.


Encourage people to, quite simply, have fun!

Here, consider a demo that was part of Persil’s “whatever life throws” campaign. The demo, which welcomed people to “splat” a digital canvas, was – as Persil has pointed out – “all about allowing customers to have fun while making a mess – and also communicating the power of Persil Small & Mighty’s improved formulation.”


Take your demonstration to the next level…

Maybe your customers won’t spend sufficient time for thoroughly judging the product unless you allow them to spend much more time than you had originally considered. One company, Westin, has demoed its Heavenly Beds and Sheets by allowing people to sleep in them for at least a complete night! What an idea that is…

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