When it comes to executing successful activations - whether that be in the UK, or internationally - one of the key factors that can make or break your campaign is having the right staff on the ground. Whether your activation is a product launch, experiential marketing event, brand activation, corporate event or immersive experience, it is imperative that the hired event teams not only understand your brand or product, but that they also understand the culture, language and nuances of your target audience.

The process of sourcing, vetting and selecting the right agency and entrusting them to source qualified individuals who align with your brand values and meet your specific requirements can quickly become a time-consuming endeavour - and one that can feel overwhelming in some instances.

That’s where a global staffing agency comes in! Here are our top five reasons to use an global staffing agency for your next international activation:

  1. Local expertise: International markets can vary greatly. From navigating local labour laws, cultural dynamics, logistical challenges and staffing compliance, a global agency has a network of local agency teams who are experienced in their own territory: providing you with the very best and most effective service and solution.
  2. Saving you time and resource: Searching for a trusted international agency can be time and resource expensive. A global agency have already done the leg work for you and has access to a vast pool of highly qualified, reliable local talent that meet your brief and requirements. 
  3. Consistent, high quality delivery across markets: Global agencies provide consistent and high level client servicing. Their local agency teams share in the same processes and service level agreements giving you added reassurance and confidence in the process. They will work to the same quality control, standards and benchmarks for delivery.
  4. Streamlined communication and coordination: Coordinating staff across different countries and time zones can be challenging. A global agency is a single point of contact enhancing efficiency and minimising communication gaps. Where you are activating across multiple countries, a global agency can provide you with one point of contact which means you only have to deal with one brief and one invoice. 
  5. Local knowledge and adaptations: A global staffing agency often has access to a vast pool of local talent who understand the local customs, languages and cultural nuances, ensuring that your campaign is delivered appropriately and effectively. 


Over ten years ago, we saw a pattern start to emerge: brands wanted overseas talent to support their activations, but were struggling to find the right agency to deliver qualified, authentic and passionate talent to suit their needs. In 2013, we launched The Staffing & Entertainment Collective: an international network of like-minded agencies worldwide who provide consistent, high-quality delivery across 34 countries. 

All agencies that are part of The Staffing & Entertainment Collective match the quality control, standards and delivery benchmark of Kru Live. We provide a single, UK-based point of contact, meaning that you only have to submit one brief, and our capable team and partners manage the rest. 

If you would like to learn more about The Staffing and Entertainment Collective, or thinking of running an international campaign or activation, please get in touch with our CEO, Sarah-Jane, who would be more than happy to discuss your requirements and see if Kru Live is able to help you deliver your next international activation. 


Contact: sj@krulive.com or: +44 (0) 7921 914 152 

  • The Cogs 2016 Awards Silver Winner
  • Event 100 Club 2013
  • Highly Commended - Staffing Agency of the Year 2019
  • Field Marketing Award Brand Experience Award Gold winner 2015
  • Field Marketing Award Bronze winner 2013
  • Event 100 Club
  • IVCA Live come Awards 2013 Winner
  • The Cogs Awards For the People that make it Work Staffing Winner 2013
  • Event Awards Winner 2016
  • The Drum UK Event Awards: Award Winner 2015
  • Field Marketing Award Brand Experience Award Bronze winner 2014
  • Field Marketing Award Brand Experience Award Silver Winner 2013
  • Field Marketing Award Brand Experience Award Gold Winner 2012

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